world of warships stuck on loading screen

My spec:Windows 7 64 bitamd phenomII 965 beamd 7850 thx ;D I am trying to view replays of Clan Battles that I just played tonight (so no version issue). Get the latest news and developments here and play for free! By noob60, February 3 … Does this happen to anyone else? ... ' screen directly after the initial loading screen. The World of Warships icon isn't displayed in the task bar. I have lost all my account progress, what should I do? Archived. Update 3.1 Patch Notes Three times in the last two days I have gotten stuck on the loading screen. The Port music volume doesn't lower as it should while viewing News videos. Regularly my game to battle load late 98 % times battles, usually 1 min, sometimes 4 min. save. ... World of Warships. The screen/monitor goes into a permanent 'sleep' mode, turns black, and cannot be removed from this state. World of Warships - free-to-play naval warfare-themed massively multiplayer game from Wargaming. It takes 14 minutes = close game page, reload gamecenter to get in battle, that time i was report AFK and get pink = early leaving battle when not get in. Stuck at first loading screen - posted in Tech Corner: Hi, im stuck at first loading screen (small yellow bar), but i can hear the audio of the loading screen. i’ve tried everything on the troubleshooting other people had the same problem. World of Warships Blitz crashes - iOS and Android; What are the system requirements for World of Warships Blitz? I am stuck on the loading screen. Okay so it loads the game but gets stuck on the 'Syncronizing...' screen directly after the initial loading screen. I have tried restarting steam to no avail. share. I have had this problem for a while (not just today). Sometimes the cursor can still be seen and moved. I have the last graphic driver. Close. Stuck on loading screen. I tried to delete preferences.xml, and also to change parameters manually, but without being able to solve the issue. 3. Is there anything I can do to fix it and not just be some afk ass hole for my team? Hello! i’ve been trying to play all day but on every other loading screen or so my game just gets stuck on loading screen and not responding. I am stuck on the loading screen. Situations occur where a bot gets stuck in the corner of an island and can't get out. The sound effects, background music, or any other audio in the game comes out of the speakers, but repeats itself in a choppy manner (sometimes.) Posted by 3 years ago. I have tried restarting steam to no avail. Stuck on loading screen. Some work fine, but others leave me stuck at the loading screen that shows the players. 5 comments. I had same problems, some days ago. World of Warships Blitz automatically sends crash reports to our QA team, so the source of the issue can be investigated. since the last 2 updates ive been getting stuck on the loading screen for battle, only happen last night and today after new patch, (been at work last 7 days) this has never happened before. World of Warships ; English language section ; Issues & bug reporting ; Stuck in Loadingscreen/ can't join battle Stuck in Loadingscreen/ can't join battle. ... World of Warships Blitz crashes - iOS and Android March 26, 2020 11:44; Updated . does tend to happen when I minimize the game to desktop then try to go back to game at full screen and its stuck on loading screen. Discussion. Discussion.

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