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(START)--The QB salary: where is the sweet spot? You'll hear an incredible story about Jason Witten from the reporter who knows him best, ESPN Cowboys Insider Todd Archer joins the show and how did the Cowboys 2020 Draft Class end up on film for the season? Expect studio favorites, new live improvisations, features on popular and brand new festivals, and many chances to win music and swag from jam bands around the world. This year, Kani Ka Pila is celebrating its anniversary. Also, a trip around The Block, a chat about all time favorite cartoons, a tradition unlike any other: The Masters, a sampling of three craft beers on Just the Sip and a chat with the guys from False Idol Brewing in North Richlands Hills, TX. (43:21)--ESPN Cowboys Insider Todd Archer, (01:29:47)--Dave Chappelle and his plea to his fans. JaM tell you who is going to win and exactly why when the Cowboys take on WFT on Sunday. Explicit language included. (START)--Cowboys win, the NFC East and Around the NFL, (49:52)--The Block: a look at the higest earners on You Tube and Jacques and Matt discuss their much different 2020 Christmas experiences. The also take a look around the NFL at all the action from Sunday and another version of Secret Audio of a Cowboys Homer. They also take a trip around the block with a wild conversation about liquor and gondolas and a show Matt was mesmerized by in this week's Peep Show. They also talk about the death of Alex Trebek and Matt's fascination with trivia, a look at where the CFB season sits with a month to go and some very interesting Stephen Jones audio. RYB 951: The Common Path To Uncommon Success and FREEDOM with John Lee Dumas. We're taking a road trip to record the interview, with a trip down Memory Lane, and then the guys totally trip when their … JaM take a look at the Cowboys 31-28 win over the Minnesota Vikings. Downey. What Should I Start? All in one episode. Plus, what's happening with Wentz in Philly and Watson and Houston? Stream Tracks and Playlists from JAM sessions on … All these questions answered and, this week's version of Secret Audio of A Cowboys Homer. Explicit language included. You’ll hear Whispers From the Star with Dallas Cowboys inside information, Secret Audio of a Cowboys Homer with recorded reactions watching Cowboys games live, Just the Sip: a sampling of random craft beers and thoughts from a cicerone level craft beer enthusiast and a relative novice in the beer world, chats with owners and brewers of local breweries, big name guests from the sports world and the life observations of two guys from two very different up bringing’s and perspectives. You'll also hear Secret Audio of a Cowboys Homer, a wild story about Byron Nelson and a look at what else jumps out from Week 5 in the NFL. (01:35:47)--NY Mets GM Firing and Why do Guys Send These?! Many cities have one or more weekly public jam sessions. Watch Part oneSubscribe Here! They close out the episode with Just the Sip, sampling three craft beers and discussing their thoughts. Formerly heard on ESPN Radio in the DFW market, podcasting allows us to explore our conversations more in depth and uncensored. JaM discuss the Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs and what to make of it all. JaM discuss a new survey that was released regarding where the Cowboys rank on America's Favorite Teams list. JaM discuss the QB matchup of Brady vs Mahomes in SB LV, is it the best QB matchup ever in a Super Bowl? ESPN NFL Nation Cowboys Insider Todd Archer joins the guys to discuss the hire. Is Mike McCarthy's message finally getting through? JaM discuss their experience in DFW's record breaking temperatures and their adventures in the snow. toast & jam live sessions. Podcast or Youtube or Blog First? They chat with ESPN Cowboys Insider Todd Archer, take a look at how realistic it is for the Cowboys to wind up with a Top 2 pick, peruse the world of college football AND sample some new music they've been listening to. They take a trip around the block to discuss the insanely cold weather DFW is getting hit with and what in the world is the deal with Bumble. Recorded 2/4/21. Episode recorded 11/24/20. (START)--America's Team: Is it still the Cowboys? Plus, pitchers and catchers have reported, does anyone care anymore? Many are the reasons for musicians to look for a service that allows them to jam online. JaM look at the 10 plays that defined the Cowboys season and led to a 6-10 letdown. Dave Chappelle made a an emotional plea with his fans recently that prompted an interesting conversation with the guys about who to listen to in life and the world of creative content. JJT and Matt chat with Matt Reynolds, owner, brewer and founder of Celestial Beerworks in Dallas, TX. JaM discuss how the Cowboys were able to finally win two games in a row and knock off San Francisco with a dose of Tony Pollard and the defense grabbing four takeaways. It's an All Super Bowl edition of the podcast recorded immediately after the game on 2/7/21. Dallas Mavericks Streaking, Freezing Ass Cold, Clarence Hill Jr, First Jobs, NFL … JaM discuss the Alabama blowout victory in the title game with a rare profane reaction from Ohio State alum JJT. This episode contains several instances of explicit language. Hello, we are Johnny and Cameron, and this is our weekly podcast, JAM sessions. Explicit language, including a F bomb, included. The poolside restaurant’s concept when it opened in 2008 was to foster an environment for authentic Hawaiian music in the heart of Waikiki, a … (START)--The wild week in North Texas with snow and ice, (49:21)--Carson Wentz traded and the a look at the 2016 QB Class, (01:12:09)--Matt tries to air fry something, (01:25:22)--McShay Mock: what it means for the Cowboys, (01:38:07)--a random version of Just the Sip. Also, a passionate argument from Matt on why Die Hard is NOT a Christmas movie before wrapping up the episode with their thoughts on the CFB Weekend and why A&M fans might be livid at the playoff announcements. Audio of Mike McCarthy's postgame press conference, is he as bewildered as everyone else? Also on the episode, they take a look around the NFL and at the NFC East and why is Carson Wentz so bad in 2020. Also, a quick look ahead at the Thanksgiving Day game vs Washington in Who's Gonna Win and Why. Times might not suite because of work and other commitments. Plus, a trip around the block with the worst way ever to dispose of a Christmas tree and the time Matt delivered pizzas. (26:42)--The Block: a story about a local brewery and murder and a crazy robbery in Plano, (43:40)--DAL vs MIN: Who's Gonna Win and Why, (55:27)--Dallas Morning News Cowboys beat writer Calvin Watkins, (01:30:54)--Just the Sip, sampling three locally brewed craft beers, (01:42:01)--Conversation with the brewers and owners of Ash & Ember Brewing. Plus, the Peep Show, with shows that both Matt and JJT have been checking out lately and they close it down with a chat about the bizarre NY Mets story and why sending pictures of your junk is something that some men do. JaM discuss the Cowboys 37-17 win over the Eagles and how Week 17 could deliver a NFC East title and a playoff appearance. (25:14)--CFB Hate and the Programs That Make Our Lists, (01:03:48)--The Queen's Gambit and Other Shows You Should Watch. Toast & Jam Sessions is our dynamic live performance series uploaded to our YouTube channel. Late Night Jam Sessions - The Great Boudini I synced these 3 performances in 2000.Top video is from 1969 'Isle of Wight' pop festival,left corner is from Beat Club & then their promo video. Explicit language included. It’s a show offering unique perspectives on Cowboys football with fun, random stories of life intertwined with discussions with and about craft beer. They also discuss the Eagles trade of Carson Wentz to the Colts and check in with Clarence Hill Jr, long time Cowboys beat writer for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram on what the Wentz trade means for the NFC East, the Cowboys and the Dak contract situation. And, for that matter, teaching is of utmost importance when attempting to learn virtually anything in life. As WTF listeners know, the comedian also enjoys "noodling" on his guitars, occasionally playing snippets of his jam sessions during podcasts. What prompted the defense to play better? (55:51)--Who Will Be the 2020 Cowboys Scapegoat? Recorded on 1/10/21. They also discuss the SB commercials they loved and hated and what they thought of the halftime show. Where does the disconnect between players and coaches come from? 99 And, a trip around the Block with new DFW area breweries, BBQ and a random chat about getting into fights. They break down the team and what to know after 15 games heading into the regular season finale with ESPN Cowboys Insider Todd Archer and take a look at what the film says with Dallas Morning News NFL Film Analyst John Owning. It'll give you a good idea of our personalities and what to expect from the JaM Session podcast episodes to come. Getting the whole band and the gear in one place is hard. JaM discuss an odd Twitter chat that JJT got wrapped up in and why Alabama, Clemson and Ohio State continually dominate the world of college football. They also take a trip around the block with a new beer coming to Texas, Matt's fascination with Presidential history and trivia. (34:19)-Dallas Morning News NFL Film Analyst John Owning, (49:37)- Between the Mics: Alex Trebek and Trivia, (01:03:37)- College Football playoff outlook with a month to go, (01:38:39)- #Washed creator and director Jared Couch. Recorded on 12/15/20. Oh, and let's not forget, a new installment of Just the Sip where they sample three craft beers and give their immediate reactions. Finally, a conversation about the sport of baseball and JaM believe it is in serious trouble long term. Jacques and Matt break down the Cowboys loss on Sunday night to Philly. Privacy, Terms of Use & Our Code of Ethics Protecting Content Creators Copyrights, Pick Six NFL – CBS Sports, Football, NFL Draft, Locked On NFL Draft – Daily Podcast On The NFL Draft, College Football & The NFL – Locked On Podcast Network, Trevor Sikkema, Benjamin Solak. Recorded 1/26/21. Explicit language included. 16.5K; 2/22/2021 6:37 AM PT They also take a local trip around the block to discuss tacos and a the first ever sighting of a mountain lion in Dallas County. The full musical group performs each song live in a continuous take just like they would at a show. Jam Session. Explicit language included. Who is to blame? How'd the TB defense do it? Jacques and Matt take a look back at the four plays that you might've missed that changed the outcome of the Cowboys win over the Giants. Recorded 1/12/21. Great conversations with good people. Also, thoughts on Hank Aaron and Larry King and a discussion of the Sports Radio 96.7/1310 The Ticket that started up 27 years ago and was a huge influence on Matt, the both recall not only memories from working there but also listening over the many years. USC professor Josh Kun, who joins Alt.Latino for this week's show, is a co-founder of the Idelsohn Society for Musical Preservation, which in 2013 assembled a … JaM break down Super Bowl LV and the Bucs surprising 31-9 win over the Chiefs. (37:51)-The Block: A Ticket discussion and thoughts on Hank Aaron and Larry King, (01:14:58)-Kobe Bryant, the One Year Anniversary, (1:29:18)-Matthew Stafford, Deshaun Watson and the QB market. Recorded 1/28/21. JaM also take a trip around the block that covers the EA Sports news and the death of a TV star plus, this episode features a new edition of The Peep Show where Jacques and Matt discuss what they've been watching lately. ‘Jam Session’: Carly Simon Tells All About Jackie Kennedy and Chrissy Teigen and John Legend Tell All in Vanity Fair Plus, Gabrielle Union has won Halloween, so … JaM discuss what happened with the Cowboys hype video for 2021 and why Dak was left out, they also discuss that and the Super Bowl with ESPN NFL Nation Cowboys Insider Todd Archer. Introduction to JaM Session Oct 03, 2020 This quick episode tells you who we are, what we're about and why we're doing this. Plus, why Devonta Smith was the deserved Heisman winner. Recorded after the game on 1/3/21. JaM have an in-depth conversation with Dallas Mavericks play by play voice, Chuck Cooperstein, on the Mavs draft and what each pick and the Seth Curry trade mean for the upcoming season. Explicit language included. Recorded 1/5/21. Is it time to accept the reality that this is a really bad team? (23:17)--The Block: new location for Fuzzy's Tacos AND a mountain lion! A unique show with two unique personalities. JaM break down the Cowboys loss to the Ravens and just how bad this defense really is, you'll also hear their thoughts on Dez Bryant not playing, Andy Dalton and the meh offense and the latest edition of Secret Audio of a Cowboys Homer.

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