godlike luffy fanfiction

82 One Piece, Many Hearts » by cecebeec *Harem Story with a twist* Luffy is the new transfer student at the previously all-girls Whole Cake Academy. THIS STORY IS ALSO UPLOADED ON FANFICTION.NET. I don't know most of any fanfiction. Luffy just wants to go on an adventure, and Zoro is caught between wanting to find a way back and simply waiting to see where this particular journey is likely to lead. Chapter Text "Person speaking" He was right by thinking that it was good training for a little boy. Fantasy Reincarnation Magic Fantasy Transmigration Male MC Western Fantasy hidden gem. When everyone discovered that the Going Merry was irreparable and decided to get a new ship, Usopp didn't take things lightly. Please read to find out more. That's true yes, but there is some amazing godlike fics such as legacy which I've read quite a bit, also ones like the golden fox (which I'm sad never got a sequel as far as I know) which was pretty damn good too, and I know it's hard to find ones like these two but since I suck at finding anything on the fanfiction website I asked for some help here. Luffy/Robin pairing! Luffy also showed signs of Haki at a young age so Shanks decided to take him with them to train Luffy. He stayed down, sprawled in the grass, blankly staring at the sky. Godlike Luffy! Cross-Posted on FanFiction.Net; Cross-Posted on Wattpad; Summary. What're you to do when the government tries to hold you down? More serious/smart Luffy who acts more like a captain! A monkey's punch sent Luffy down. (Naruto fanfic) by @kgrie1888 549K 18.6K 56 Naruto lives at the orphanage, is everyone's favorite nii-chan, and is the only person the other kids will listen to. Please read to find out more. Two very different sets of pirates are set face to face, and yet, some things remain the same. Chapter 1. Godlike Luffy! Luffy's dream of becoming the Pirate King finally came true. Now with his power and all the knowledge he knows still remains, will Luffy be able to re-correct all the terrible things in his life? 4.8. (Various Naruto x Princess/Emperess Reader x OC’s + Yandere) (Y/n) of the Kesshō Hana clan was raised alongside chaos. What're you to do when everyone dies before you? It was enough training for a day, Luffy was still only six, after all. Unless an Intellectual type or coward type, any MC in fanfiction will definitely be God-like OP.. There he makes friends with the sweet class president, the charming school's treasurer, the levelheaded librarian, the head of the Campus Beautification Committee, and many more female characters. This Luffy is a bit edgier than cannon. After being forced to settle with surviving rather than living, he had finally found his place in the world, until everything was taken from him one last time. Luffy is given a second chance in life, when Fleet-Admiral Akainu killed all the Strawhats. Supreme Magus. Garp sighed. THIS STORY IS ALSO UPLOADED ON FANFICTION.NET. But if the Author ideas of putting their own MC inside naruto/one piece worlds, then there is an Author that Won't make his MC God-like? Even though he was trying to protect Luffy, he gave a pretty convincing impression of hurting him, even going as far as to dislodge one of Luffy's teeth. This Luffy is a bit edgier than cannon. I AM THE ORIGINAL AUTHOR OF THE STORY FROM FANFICTION JUST POSTING IT HERE AS WELL. Luffy made good progress from the last time he forced him to fight these beasts. But what're you to do when all your friends die one by one because of that? Smart Luffy! Obviously the Straw Hats would fight back. 3 Usopp: Fought Luffy. More serious/smart Luffy who acts more like a captain! Derek McCoy was a man who spent his entire life facing adversity and injustice. Godlike Luffy!

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