detect if monitor is on or off

Search results for 'Detect if monitor is off' (newsgroups and mailing lists) 12 replies [chromium-bugs] Re: Issue 489384 in chromium: UDL 2.0 display adapter (USB2.0 - DVI/HDMI) reports display when monitor is not plugged. 1) Press the Windows + R button to get the Command prompt. "monitor off" detection moving windows to turned off monitors I thought this "feature" was going to be fixed in Windows 10 but to my surprise not only is not fixed now is moving some of the windows to any turned off monitor. Of course AnyNet+ HDMI-CEC isn't related to this issue, Samsung's technical support and live chat are useless and in addition I doubt that Samsung will ever solve this problem by issuing new firmware. This list isn’t exhaustive, but it covers the most common external monitor problems. API for detect monitor or monitor on/off after some specific interval Hi All, Is there any API to find lcd monitor is on, off, pluged or unplugged in Windows XP and 7? I have a Monitor connected to my machine through HDMI. Laptop E7450 put on docking station and boot up laptop only external monitor is working the laptop screen is off. detecting the monitor is on or off hello everyone, i m pretty new to linux. When the monitor is off, this creates problems. This helps a lot e.g. Hi. Please reply.. Pradip . Hi dannyfarwin, >>” if the desktop monitor is transitioning off or on” Did you mean that you want to check if the monitor is power on/off? Topic Options. Ask Question Asked 8 years, 1 month ago. Once eject laptop from docking station both screen, external monitor and laptop screen is off but the laptop is still working.Put the laptop back to the docking station the external monitor screen appear again but laptop screen still off. Constellation Options. WhoIsConnectedSniffer cannot detect a device or computer if it doesn't send any packet that is received by the computer running this tool. What follows is a modification of Mr. Dunn's approach. I tried to read Monitor state from Graphic Card Properties. This thread is locked. (Window 7 OS) There are some actions which needs to performed while system monitor is turned off/ on by user or automatically turned off by system So is there any event to hook those actions? No one anywhere has been able to figure that out so I'm trying to do a workaround now, all I need is something that detects that the monitor was turned off/disconnected/session is not graphical/etc so it can send off the Ctrl+Alt+F1 key automatically. i have tried for SystemEvents.PowerModeChanged event and listed for suspend and resume .But it is not get fired for monitor turn off or on. 11-19-2008. matsp. Astronaut Options. External monitor flickers on and off; Lines or static covers the screen; Images appear fuzzy or out of focus; Images appear distorted or scrambled ; Everything appears too large or too small; A blurry monitor might be the result of using the wrong resolution. Detecting monitor is on or off Hello everyone, I m writing a c program to detect whether monitor is on or off, but have no clue where to start from. Using the Code So if anyone has any ideas please help. started 2015-06-01 21:49:42 UTC. Using AC current detection sensors, machine on/off state detection is now possible, allowing you to monitor the operational hours of any machine on the factory floor. However all my smart bulbs sense it and all turn on. Thanks. Also DVI/HDMI will report a connection even when the display is turned off. Which tells the amp to turn off the monitor. Page 1 of 2 - Detect when monitor turns on without user input +turn it off - posted in Ask for Help: I have a laptop with no psychical switch for the monitor. There any way to detect the monitor PC Desktop state in Windows ON / OFF, using language C/C++? Detect if HDMI Monitor is switched off. I called Microsoft tech support, and they said Windows does not have the ability to recognize when monitors are on or off and extend the desktop or not. I have been using a HDTV for years and recently got a monitor. But the monitor is a little slow to sync, so by the time that Windows 7 detects if a monitor is connected, it decides NO, the monitor didn't wake up, and goes through full disconnection logic, thus shutting off the DisplayPort output. I found a solution working perfectly for me. Win7-based kiosk, clerk-accessible switch powers off the monitor, my task is to detect this and either do an orderly shutdown or a shutdown/reboot or nothing at all, based on other factors. Post by Scottland » Wed May 04, 2016 2:22 pm Hi, I'd like to use AHK to control my Philips Hue Lights and have it execute a script which turns off (or dims) the lights if the monitor is turned off, or if the display is sent to standby (the computer does not enter standby). i m trying to figure out whether monitor is on or off by using a c program.i have tried using ddcprobe, it works well with CRT monitor,But in case of LCD monitor it works only when monitor cable is disconnected or power turned off from mains not when u use the monitor button for power ON/OFF. 6 replies [Bug 1575123] [NEW] [Xubuntu 16.04] Display stays black if monitor is turned off/on. There is a lot of options for setting many kind of things, perhaps to turn off the auto detection of HDMI devices? after booting to be sure both monitors are in the correct state. Turn off auto-detect HDMI. Now if anyone were to switch off the Monitor, through either the Soft Buttons on it, or by removing it's Power Cord, I wish to be notified and run a Shell Script. If your monitor has some sort of built-in USB hub, you could try and use that to detect if the monitor is off/on.

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