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You will want to add extra safety components to increase your rider profile on the Aventon Level. Aventon’s recommended height range is between 5’1’’’ and 6’4’’, but we think that riders between 4’10’’ and 6’6’’ will feel comfortable if you properly adjust the saddle and make sure you buy either the S or L sized frame respectively. These large and powerful disc brakes will help you come to a very rapid, steady, and smooth stop even if you pull the brakes at high speeds, with great feedback in the three-finger levels that just makes it fun to pull the brakes. However, it’s definitely not perfect, as you will have to spend a bit more money to add a suitable lighting system to the Aventon Level, with other quirks like being unable to throttle from a dead stop, the lack of other frame colors, and a louder-than-others motor. You can park up for free and be in and out of town in half the time! Just assembled my 700 and got my first 10 miles in after the snow melted here in Boise. We would like to see more color options than the Earth Gray/Black, but it’s just a small complaint against the otherwise great frame. Gear shifting consistently works even at high speeds, and with full-coverage aluminum alloy fenders you are very unlikely to get rocks, mud, and other debris jamming up your chain and drivetrain either. With further assistance provided by the cadence sensing pedal assistance motor system, we doubt you’ll need to service your Aventon Level electric bike more than once or twice a year in order to maintain its great drivetrain and eBike performance. Non-removable controller. Swapping four wheels for two, a commuter electric bicycle certainly sounds like an appealing alternative. WEIGHT ───── - Weight: 28.1 kg (62 lbs) - Total Perm. With a 500W hub-drive motor and large, comfortable tires, Level provides one of the best rides available in its price-range. An e-bike commuter offers you all the benefits of commuting, as well as: -Eliminates the physical challenges of cycling, -Helps you calibrate your level of physical activity. The display is simple enough to use, and with it you’ll make use of the very powerful 60 Nm motor along with the proven Shimano Acera drivetrain. SHIPPING WEATHER DELAYS IN PARTS OF THE U.S. learn more, Notify me when this product is available: Add me to the store mailing list, Got my Level Commuter Ebike yesterday without a scratch. A good-looking bike won’t get you to your destination any quicker, but it's certainly going to make you more likely to want to get on it. The Aventon Level Commuter Throughout our test rides, we've used The Aventon Pace 500 and the Aventon Level Commuter bike available for $1599. Filed Under: eBike Reviews, Uncategorized Tagged With: Aventon, Aventon Level, Commuter Bike, Your email address will not be published. In all its glory, the Aventon Pace 500is an unassuming e-bike that frankly doesn’t look that special. Electric commuter bikes generally have the following characteristics: -Wide tires for stability, as well as to support the added weight of the motor and battery, -Often comes with metal racks for carrying your things. As the number of cars on the roads grows year after year, more and more people are searching for alternative ways like commuter ebikes, to drive around, get to town, and visit friends or family. If you're going to take a lot of things with you, whether it's bags or briefcases, you may want to invest in a durable bike that has or can help rack for easier transport. Most riders who are interested in the Aventon Level will find the M5 LCD smart display to be more than enough for their needs. There is no headlight or tail light, and there isn’t even a bell on the Aventon Level, with minimal reflective taping and lighting on the tires and pedals. Whether your sport is cycling, tennis, soccer, or something else that needs strength and endurance, a trusty ebike workout will be sure to exercise the same muscles. The Aventon Level features a mid-range SR Suntour coil suspension fork, with 75mm of travel along with preload, compression, and lockout adjustment. When you cycle you also get rid of the panic of trying to find a parking space, and one that doesn't cost an absolute fortune, parking in town or city centers can cost up to $20 for a day, and this may still involve a decent walk into town or a long-winded bus journey through every neighboring village. Lower power assist levels maximize energy efficiency for great range, but take longer to reach the speed cap on the eBike. This is a fairly basic controller, so it is very easy and simple to use but lacking in features and extras incorporated into more advanced controller systems. You're no longer driving your car to work, so why would you drive to the store? Many electric-assisted road bikes are robust enough to cope with far more challenging rides than a traditional block run. The Aventon Level eBike is a class 3 eBike designed for city commuting, with great suspension support that will make every trip a smooth and steady riding experience. This design is uncommon, but is included as a safety feature. Optimal max range is estimated to be between 55 to 60 miles on a single charge. The ebike is also the quickest form of transport in urban traffic over distances of up to three miles. The Aventon Level has a recommended rider weight capacity of 250 lbs, with an additional 50 lbs suggested if you want to make use of the rear bike cargo rack. The Aventon Level features both pedal and throttle assistance, with a 250 lbs recommended rider weight capacity and an additional 50 lbs of cargo weight support. Shimano Acera 8 Speed drivetrain. Just because a bike is intended for commuting doesn't mean it's not a strong, powerful beast that's tough enough to handle whatever  it is you're up to. In optimal conditions, the powerful 750 W / 60 Nm motor will travel between 40 to 60 miles, and is able to tackle flat roads and steep hills alike. Weight: 45.9 lb. Well designed and well constructed. Commuting by ebike is a practical way to fix this condition. An electric bike turns even the most difficult cycling ride into an effortless one. Additionally, if you're going to ride on some rough terrain, choose a bike with stability and strength to maneuver quickly and efficiently. Great price point for a level three bike that includes all the bells and whistles, (besides lights) but I purchased a pair on Amazon for $10 and they work just fine. It can carry up to nearly 60 pounds on the rear rack, and the bike itself is rated for riders up to 250 pounds. And there is no need for unnecessary exertion on steep inclines – thanks to the assistance offered by the electric motor. Long journeys are likely to require a fast, efficient ride — so while a standard bike may look stylish, you're going to want something with a little more efficiency. Overall, we think that the Aventon Level has a good controller, and while we would prefer more features or the ability to swap it out with something more advanced, it should satisfy the typical eBike commuter. Fenders, cargo rack, kickstand, and more. Just take a look at our video review below, t… With many commuter bikes straddling the boundaries between the conventional styles of bicycles, you always end up with an outstanding all-around bike that can accommodate multiple forms of use. ... and five levels of e-assist. The physical workout of the trip ensures that you can get your fitness objectives and your trip to work done at the same time. All Rights Reserved. The Aventon Level uses high quality Benal Aries 3 hydraulic disc brakes, with 180 mm rotors on both the front and back of the bike. Aventon ebikes are built to the IPX4 water-resistant standard. That is a good thing, because there is no quick release functionality on the Aventon Level eBike. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Affordable entry/mid-level eBike that is great for commuting around the city. The Level is engineered for riders who want to escape from their cars but still want to keep up with traffic on their work or school commute. A commuter bike should be comfortable. It’s built with the same proven motor technology and same rad power as the Pace 500 but with geometry and … Electric bikes are best designed for healthy-conscious people willing to improve their fitness and stamina. The Kenda Kwick Drumlin tires have puncture protection, further reducing the likelihood of having to service or swap them out. At 58.6 lbs, the Aventon Level isn’t the lightest eBike we’ve ever reviewed, but it’s far from being the heaviest either. Great assortment of additional accessories despite its entry-level/mid-tier price. You can sit for minutes at a time, waiting for the lights to change, wondering where everyone else could possibly be going at this time and taking up space on the road, and don't even mention the frustration at driving behind a tractor. The city commuter eBike isn’t really designed for off-roading or mountain biking, but you would probably feel good if you did want to hit the occasional light riding trail. The Level Commuter Ebike brings incredible design & efficiency to your urban commute. ... as well as to support the added weight of the motor and battery-A sturdy frame ... Get On The Road With an Electric Bike From Aventon.

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