why was the spice trade so important

Or you could even feel completely relieved. spice trade. Kings, Knights, Lords and other crusaders, including many women, had travelled 3000 miles to reach the Holy Lands. But the main focus of Dutch attention is the Moluccas - the Indonesian islands of which the alternative name, the Spice Islands, declares their central importance in the eastern trade. Europeans wanted colonies to gather riches through spices, natural resources, gold, and land. But the most important spice by volume in the history of Europe was not saffron, but pepper. My why lead me to ��� Pepper was costly to ship���the Silk Road, the most well-known what kinds of spices were traded? No pepper, either. When and why did the price eventually drop? Soon spices were flooding into the Mediterranean from India via the Red Sea, down the Nile to Alexandria and then on to A capital is established at Batavia, in Java, in 1619. It was so valuable that grains of pepper were often sold individually, or paid by their weight in silver. Nearly 2,500 years ago, Arab traders told stories of the ferocious cinnamon bird, or cinnamologus. From 1598 the Dutch, and occasionally the English, attacked the Spanish/Portuguese far eastern empire as part of their campaign against Spain, with a view to capturing the spice trade. That's why Melaka had since 1400 so much occupiers and could grow to a world wide trade center. When Rome officially took over Egypt in 30 BC, suddenly a whole new world opened up for the trade in spices and herbs. Crusades introduced different Spices during the Middle Ages Middle Ages food changed considerably during the Medieval period and much of this was due to the different spices that were brought back from the Crusades. The Portuguese came to the East to capture the spice trade. The spice trade flourished during the colonization period, which brought black pepper, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, turmeric, nutmeg, and cloves (to name only a handful) from Asia via the ocean Spice Trade route (map below). Europeans who could afford to buy spices were willing to shell out to get them. So stop here for a moment and think about your own why. It is authorized to build forts, establish colonies, mint coins, and maintain a navy and army as required. Breads and pies with no cinnamon, nutmeg, etc. They stretch from the west coast of Japan, through the islands of Indonesia, around India to the lands of the Middle East - and from there, across the Mediterranean to Europe. In the 1400s, the Venetians and Genoese controlled much of the spice trade in Europe but they in turn had to rely on other intermediaries, which increased the cost. Your why, your rules! Initially, the spice trade was conducted mostly by camel caravans over land routes. With these powers the company takes only a few decades to deprive Portugal of the spice trade. Why was finding a new route to India important ... and the spice trade would have made the discoverer and his supporters very wealthy. In 1511 Melaka was conquered by the Portuguese. Yet the high price did not keep 60 people from consuming large quantities. The discovery of the New World (United States) in the 18th century brought America into the global spice industry. Trade on the Silk Road was a significant factor in the development of the great civilizations of China, India, Egypt, Persia, Arabia, and Rome. You may feel a bit scared. Then came the Dutch and the British in the 1600s. The flow of pepper along trade routes provided opportunities for trade taxes to be imposed at major trading cities by Arabians, Egyptians, Turks and Venetians. Trade with Asia was important to Europeans .wanted Asian spices .wanted to convert more people into their culture .they also became interested in Asian cultures :D told through eight everyday products. Pepper is believed to have reached Europe as You don���t need to share your why with anyone or you can shout it from the rooftops. Melaka became important for all who wanted to rule the Strait of Melaka. They wanted to expand their empire. The Portuguese started to establish trading posts in Asia around 1500.

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