lychee kush strain review

Fast response. Well that sure was easy! thank yall!!!! I have had the pleasure of finding the best in the biz in DC. I see alot of ppl with every company mentioning fake reviews, this one is real. The delivery driver was on time and courteous. Yea, first off this place got some good tree. Will, surely, do business again and recommend to others. Have no fear on that one here! Hours late on delivery. Delivery drivers are also pretty speedy :-). Info Of their advertised exotic. The person answering calls was very friendly and honest. Long overdue review. This is definitely going to be the top vendor in DC by the end of the year. The exotic is much smoother and it settles into a deep body high. Thank you guys, you made my day. One week that dealer was dry and I somehow stumbled upon Federal Reserve and I'm so happy I did. Shocked after so many successful transactions. Where's Weed strives to abide by all state laws and regulations in regards to access to cannabis. OMG! Will be back! I really appreciate y'all, The women on the phone is super friendly and provided lots of help with my order, I got the pure kush and it was some pressure . GET YOU SOME. When they say 10 min they mean it. Best customer service and prices in the area, without a doubt!! Got about 6 different flavors and all of them are . Literally a WIN WIN for everyone involved! Do not shop here. Hands down some of the best stuff we've tried on the east coast. After spending the better part of the past year exploring various businesses, I can truly say that I've made my final decision on my go-to delivery service in D.C. from this point forward. Other than the last batch I got of Green House Runtz of Top Shelf wasnt it at all.. Everything to the driver is grade A though! Herb is the 1st choice for my delivery when I’m in DC! As always my boys come through! 4 for 800 never disappoints. Then the owner said he had GAS trees called peanut butter breathe this was a joke looks like B-STERS and tasted like it too. Everything I got from these guys is so legit. The quality is lit for a great price...I like the weekly house specials (sunset is my fave!) This is definitely the best people to go with there quality is very very good and i always love the freebies they definitely bless. TOP NOTCH customer service . Thank you, you always come thru. I'll be back! They're $99 half ounce deal is really good. Great flower Great Customer Service Great Delivery Service!! Much respect to you and your whole team delivery was on point and the deal I used to get the tree was also on point. Delivery time est. Let's just say i am a believer now! Superb service and super quick delivery! I don’t know why I keep trying to find others on WW. They know their Product! Awesome product, fantastic customer service, great communication, and they are always on time. You don’t have to look any further, these are the guys. They are honest with Great Buds. Cant wait to see you guys later today. They will be my go-to. Have no fear on that one here! The 2020 Election was nothing like we've ever seen before, politics-wise. Fair prices. Great interaction with Sugar High! Quality gifts each and every time. CLOUD9 NUMBER ONE PERIOD...!!! More Concentrate Variety than U can handle! Throughout enjoyed the experience. FEDERAL RESERVE STAYS CONNECTED WITH YOU LIKE A 911 OPERATOR STAYING ON THE LINE WITH A CALLER UNTIL EMERGENCY RESPONDERS ARRIVE! Best bud around! I will purchase from them every time. It was there costumer service, they have treated me like family for the past couple years and have worked with me on getting an appointment time that works for me. Now they are my New go to delivery service. Also one of the few places that doesn’t promise a “free gift for a 5 star review”, I like these guys. Overall, they are simply superlative. I ended up getting an ounce of the Jesus OG and I am not disappointed. Is that why you are charging tax, forcing people to donate to your charities??? Best concentrates around and if you have any questions about any of there products there more then happy to help or recomend somthing. Driver was kind and helpful. Fine quality and service. Half Top shelf, premium limited time deal, $85-QT|$150-HALF|$300-OZ|TOP SHELF + EDIBLES, My SHATTER is better than yours!! It was the driver took a good lil minute. You guys are the best. Exceptional buds, fantastic customer service and on time delivery. Best company to work with hands down. There are different tiers of gas, depending on what you want to spend of course but each tier is just that. The driver that came was cool asf and gave me some knowledge about his favorites... overall I give DC Nugtenders and 10 out of 5 stars for great customer service, bomb flower, and being ever so detailed about what they create! Delivery was fast , very friendly service made sure everything was great before he left! With the great prices I almost thought it was too good to be true but it was. The only shop I trust and visit. thank yall!!!! Was reticent at first but dispatch was exceptionally pleasant and informative so I decided to roll the dice. Even the Low tier is gas. Give them a try, you won’t be disappointed. And probably any others it may be on. I definitely will be returning! TOP notch chronic MY boys . 2020 has been a tough year, but it has also seen some major wins for the cannabis community. This applies to both that smoothness of the vapor and quality of the high. Despite that little issue was able to re order and get my bud asap so I did appreciate that. Man, this place used to be so much better. The fact these guys kept me up on order confirmation, eta, delays, and exact delivery time is what I want from a legitimate business. Not only was I extremely impressed with the speedy responses, down to earth delivery driver and the ease of my delivery the price and quality of the buds surpassed my expectations by far. Professional affordable and timely. I've Been using this app since 2018 and never had a problem like this I usually get Glue kiss and platinum obama every time. from A to AAAA+....If you have a high tolerance i would stay within the AAA - AAAA+ range....if youre looking for something strong but not tooo strong i would go with A or AA....If youre old skool, like the cheap stuff, or just want some good deals my advice is to look at the deals menu (lol) or go with the A menu or the B Economy Menu....their Concentrates are all FIRE as well and they have the most diverse selection in DC ive ever seen, if any concentrate is ever sub par they will tell you and lower the price or just take it off the menu. I tried to contact them after and was blocked!! It's all about a deal for me and they have an excellent selection of them. I wanted for two hours before saying forget about it and leave I now get home and really get to look at the product and one of them is so brown and smoke like shit you would think it’s been on the shelf for years all dried out. WARNING: FAKE REVIEWS AND MULTIPLE VENDOR NAMES FOR SAME VENDIE - PROCEED WITH CAUTION AND DONT TRUST WHERESWEED REVIEWS ON THIS VENDOR! I was surprised by the flower selection and prices. You will not be sorry. Picked up last night and it was some ***FIRE*** The ordering process was super easy. Really underestimated the Blue Sherbet for 400. Me: 45 yrs, smoking since I was twelve. I know my herb.....Stopped by The Garden yesterday to check it out. The owner called me and told me he is going to cancel my order because they made a typo and told me an earlier time. Donate for 3 & Get 1 FREE! OMG! So I placed the 880 deal so happy with my selection.. the Memosa, Agent Orange, Acapulco Gold, Snow Cap, Mazure Blueberry, all had visible tricombs.. and smelled as good as they looked....SO HIGH!!! Both are knowledgeable of product and willing to answer any questions you might have. Weight correct and buds were as expected. They got some quality products that i have never smoked before, I'm just glad I found these guys. I would say beware of the bait and switch at this place and I will never do business with them again. The person I was messaging was prompt and helpful. They're responsive; product is always A+; price is on point; delivery people are always friendly, on time & cool af. They are the best everything I got was great I highly recommend best buds, #38 : I always like to check out who’s new on WW. I don’t want to exchange this bogus ass cbd for more bogus cbd. 4oz premium FREE DELIVERY PLUS FREE PRE ROLLS, FOR 16oz PREMIUM with gift and free delivery, 5 top shelf & 5premium free deliverymix&match, 2 oz Top shelf and 2 oz premium, free deliver, Leave us a review and get a free pre-roll, 5 Oz Exotic, 3 concentrates N Free Pre-roll. Dropping an honest review after first time trying them out an These guys know what there doing! Used to dread going to DC on Friday for my art. Workers. Five stars across the board all . Bad experience. Great prices and the delivery was on point ! All 3 people I spoke to were corteous and knowledgeable. of and in " a to was is ) ( for as on by he with 's that at from his it an were are which this also be has or : had first one their its new after but who not they have – ; her she ' two been other when there all % during into school time may years more most only over city some world would where later up such used many can state about national out known university united … I was really skeptical about all the damn near perfect reviews on this vendor. You get to see(and the photos are always accurate on the site) your product before leaving and everyone is super-friendly. There was rude service, long wait-times, sketchy service (I also had that "wait in the parking lot of Home Depot for an hour and no one showed up" experience). There's one last prop that must be given to Federal Reserve before I shut this novel down. Bud was quality AF! Delivery drivers are also pretty speedy :-). Fast service, great product 10/10 would come back. Just plain great. I’m so late with this review but DMV is where it’s at their products are A1 and customer service is truly out of this world my favorite delivery place. You don’t have to look any further, these are the guys. I truly appreciate the professionalism and timelessness you guys entail, while also being honest with customers to make the experience better for everybody. Will return whenever I'm back in town again. Had tried a couple other vendors because of variety necessity, but had to come back cause it wasn't worth the additional flavors offered. Anyway good place,I feel like a princess. Try Dope City instead. I love this place. 5 Premium oz’s + Free Gift +FREE DELIVERY!! I ordered on line and also talked to them over the phone. Thank you again, These guys are incredible I now will not donation to anyone else I love what they're doing their driver was all awome and fast very good people. They also gave me a free preroll. Absolutely amazing people. I’ve been ordering from them consistently and I’ve gotten amazing service and great products every time! I bought an Oz. I love it. We made 2 trips to see these guy's and both times it was easy to meet them, they were on time both times, it's easy to order, the menu is awesome and THE PRODUCT IS THE BEST IN TOWN! See you tomorrow. Another awesome experience! Okay, so FlyDC is my NEW go to spot. These people took my $440 and gave me the hardest dryest weed I ever fucking seen. Totally recommend! Tried the premium menu, top shelf, aaa+, and exotic only to be disappointed with mids and some PGR “exotic” weed. Cool fools right here tho. The first time I purchased OG Kush and it was very weak, I brought it to the attention of one of the employees and they told me that they sold two different strains, a lower grade and a higher grade. THANK YOU MAN! Delivery driver was prompt and kept me updated with ETA at all times as well. These guys deliver! As a Deaf customer I LOVE Watzpoppin! I'm strictly a dabberdoosker, so I enjoy that they have a plethora of GOOD ISH to switch up in various forms; wax, live resin, sugar, shatter, crumble, and carts. Trust these guys! They have everything that you could ask for, literally. I am having a 64th birthday party and wanted to know if your hash is real and if so, may i purchase some. It's been about 2 months since I started visiting Top Level and they've been consistently awesome every time. Will be a pleasure doin continual business with you guys. They are friendly and hospitable - Hell! I use to frequent The Gardens twice a month until yesterday. I think the pandemic really fucked them or something. FYI I have smoked for 38 years and I am Happy every time I break this stuff out! I feel like you've left me in the middle of the desert with no water and no direction. Great prices, great weed, great service and on time! My boyfriend and I have tried a bunch of DC shops, and after we found this one- there's just no comparison. Name should be The Dirt not "The Garden". It was 3.5 grams short and not even top shelf quality. They deliver quickly, and are prompt with customer service. Best weed it’s good quality I will definitely visit again , Customer service was outstanding! Fast service, great product 10/10 would come back. Legit, the Alien Cookies and Cookie Dough are out of this world! 4 for 800 never disappoints. Really love these guys- been ordering for few times now! I go to these guys now every week or every They were on time, stayed in contact, and the product was on point. My experiences are always great they even attempted to make special accommodations for me its easy n simple to deal with this companies the delivery time is outstanding often they are early then they estimate unless it's rush hour and that's only sometimes during rush hour n they keep in contact with great communication. Le portail compte plus de 30 millions de visites mensuelles et plus de 290 millions de pages vues par mois, en moyenne. HELLO?!?! Tried the premium menu, top shelf, aaa+, and exotic only to be disappointed with mids and some PGR “exotic” weed. Fast, very polite and communicative. I ordered from them a few times, one time my order was cancelled I don’t have the app or notification from the site to let me know my order was cancelled. Absolutely amazing people. I've ordered from these guys a few times now. They staff was very nice and speedy. With the great prices I almost thought it was too good to be true but it was. Awesome experience, timely delivery! I am working my way though every local shake available. District Marijuana Varieties is the king. Jim and Kirby from out of town. I have been going to Pot Time consistently for more than 6 months and the quality is ways fire for flower and shatter. Not Satisfied At All. Nobody can top these folks. They even met me somewhere closer to them and I got my order twenty minutes after placing as opposed to the usual 60-90 minutes the other places tell me. If you want your order on time; look no further. Really underestimated the Blue Sherbet for 400. 3rd visit. The premium hits harder and stronger. By far the best delivery service on the site. Their exotics as always fire. I love the customer service and I love the easy ordering format. Highly recommend shopping w/ Budway! The white widow was good. The Garden had a good run, but there's no reason for anyone to go there anymore, especially when the delivery services are so much better to use. Great product with an amazing staff. I got an apology and the next time they will make sure they price is correct. Tried the crumble for the first time and I’m still in awe. Really. Now I'm stuck with a 1/2 ounce Bag of Air. He has really good exotics, if you don't like a strain he will gracefully swap it out for you or give you a refund. They compensated me with some edibles, It wasn’t equivalent, but I appreciated them trying to make it right. The quality is significantly sub-par compared to medical dispensaries in the area. Enough to put an order in 4 hours before they open, get in my car and take a drive to meet at my requested time, and never even think about it being a fail. Quality gifts each and every time. Will be going back. The dosidos if they still have it i highly recommend. Much love from the Champ! You guys are tufffff, This was by far the worse service I have ever had on here i ordered a half for 220 they dicked me real good. The exotic is truly exotic and fresh. Tried multiple services and none compare the bank. Needless to say, these guys are on top of their game. Better product quality, prices and customer service than anywhere around. Love them!! BLACK HISTORY DEALS! Its always professional, you can expect to receive exactly what you're looking for. Have tried over 15 different dispensaries in the D.C. area and I can say unequivocally hands down that Federal Reserve is the best. Thank you guys, you made my day. Flower is GREAT! I ordered from iweed today for the first time. The quality of their carts are amazing an worth the money. From my very first contact, to delivery, to me sitting back in my man cave enjoying the amazing variety, and quality of everything received for my donation. The flower should be a crime how fresh and plush those buds be. Actually everything I’ve gotten has been great!! NO BAIT & SWITCH . I cannot wait to try more from their menu. My wife and I are medical marijuana patients and as this was our second attempt to connect with good product in D.C. Herb is the 1st choice for my delivery when I’m in DC! Pics are real and an accurate representation of what you can expect. Looks good, moderately sticky. We were given an ounce of what was supposed to be Khalifa Kush and got some brown weed full of seeds. Ain’t going lie but they customer service is SUPER TRASHHH! Very good. This is the only place I go, the prices, customer service, and professionalism can’t be beat! Not only do they have frostier weed than Alaska on Christmas morning but there award winning product isn’t what sold me. AND took off the delivery fee . I was really skeptical about all the damn near perfect reviews on this vendor. Whatever it is I fail victim of getting bad product. very fast and its gas :). The driver was fantastic and arrived at the perfect time. They responded 4 hours later never got a chance to order . It's been about 2 months since I started visiting Top Level and they've been consistently awesome every time. You guys are so helpful, I'm new to this ,, and you all are very willing to answer any questions, and you never let a person miss a deal. Your delivery is smooth and for immune compromised patrons they will come to your car. Just found two seeds in my original order of 2oz indoor. Got my boyfriend the 89.99 deal and he absolutely loves its. Trust and confidence like that gets earned over time, and this company has earned mine. I am now home enjoying my wonderful bud and would like to say thanks again to Iweed!!! On all metrics, across the entire spectrum - from customer service to price/quality ratio - they are completely on point. Open super late. Please, tell me exactly when you'll be there and respond to me quickly when I text you. They haven't messed up an order and they have the best prices I've found. The white widow was good. HIGHLY RECOMMEND. Incredible. To top it off their customer service is like no other, they are very quick to respond to orders and the staff is super friendly. Staff were informative and on time with delivery, product description and overall quality! Communication is a 10. Not since I found this shop last summer. Over two years ago..I feel like it's time to write another ...the bud on where's weed really is hit or miss they seem to let anybody claim great quality ...well now that's out of the way...fed reserve really does keep their consistency high and rarely disappoint (I would say I picked strains I didn't like) In three years I can say they have the largest menu of high quality bud ($200 stuff is damn good all the way up to $450) fed reserve and hyde would be the only places to go on where's weed and I have over 350 orders on this site. I love this place. Fast response. I love these guys and check them out before anyone else! So I texted- was offered to exchange the gift for something else! Please just close up because you will not last in this industry’s. Fast drop off, will be back! 2g crumble deal is almost poison taste like trash looked like trash. Good accuracy in estimated delivery time. Then, it really felt like the quality went down right around the lockdown. After scouring this site for the very best delivery service Washington DC has to offer I stumbled across HERB. But that’s a 3rd party company so I can’t hold it on them. If there not on time there usally early. ❤️. Bud is fabulous. Thank you for everything, always will stick with DMV funds! I think the pandemic really fucked them or something. Deja Vu Edible Deals! TOP notch chronic MY boys . On top of that he threw in a dank wood and showed me lots of love. Every time I order it’s always fast and easy service. Tried multiple services and none compare the bank. What a wonderful service. Truly a professional company that takes pride in delivering a quality product. ;) The most important characteristics I have found in this business are both the loyalty of it's employees and their strong business sense. $800 order Best service in DC! Even the Low tier is gas. $20 Off Nurses, 1st Responders, Ess. For me you can expect pretty good quality across the board, but what makes a difference is communication and reliability...these guys understand to keep you in the loop on eta and delivery. Good varieties. Owner is really easy to work with. Not disappointed at all. 7g deal. I had wonderful experiences, but twice I got cheated on the quality. Smoked 40 minutes ago and the result is pure bliss - solid potency level, euphoric, uplifting, coupled with a nice body relaxation on the back end. Specially considering how tasty and high high quality their flowers are. Enough to put an order in 4 hours before they open, get in my car and take a drive to meet at my requested time, and never even think about it being a fail. Platinum Bruce Banner is a 10/10. In the November 2020 election, four states legalized recreational marijuana (and South Dakota became the first state to legalize medical and recreational wee... As the decriminalization of cannabis continues across the country, chances are high that you live in one of the states where weed is legal, or at least one of the 35 states with medical marijuana (plus Washington, D.C.) as an option for patient use. First Time Ordering from Here. Recently I found them guys and I wouldn’t dare change vendors! If you get driver Dom or Pierre then you are truly in good hands. Straight GAS. You now have a loyal customer. This applies to both that smoothness of the vapor and quality of the high. Thanks a lot guys. I wasn't. Beware of the fake carts!! Some of the best prices that I was able to find in DC for exotic strains, and I hit up almost every single place registered on this app! I’m not saying it was intentional, but it happened. Im a seasoned vet of the herb and this strain they have absolutely did the work I was hoping for. Their exotics as always fire. Resonable Prices. I'm from out of state and these guy's are the real deal Holyfield! But I can get lower prices and better quality bud elsewhere. Thank you guys very much for being top notch in your customer service as well as your selection and and excellent process. Raising awareness to curious buyers smell your weed before they get to far from you if you can. Best service in DC! On all metrics, across the entire spectrum - from customer service to price/quality ratio - they are completely on point. 3 Full Gram cartridges or 3 edibles for $100! Great prices and rhey offer free gifts never seen that before, My wife says shes like smoking her mimosa while drinking a mimosa lmao. First and last time! He arrive and calls me and he sees me and stop in traffic ...middle of street and want me to come to him and i told him to pull over to get out the way of traffic and he just left with my product. Shatter is my fav and is awesome when it comes to customer serv and helping a customer would definitely recommend anyone to use this place cause I will be again in the near future. Much ❤. Always FREE Delivery, Any 1oz Indoor SATIVA, INDICA, HYBIRD for 200, 100$ 1/2 OZ GUSHERS PLUS 2 PREMIUM PRE ROLLS, 160$ OZ TOP SHELF GOD FATHER PLUS 2 PRE ROLLS. Folks are kind, knowledgeable, patient and transparent. ok so we all know dc has been on some bs in regards to flower .... i prayed like 5 time while placing my order ... the value anf quality A++++ all the way. Once again a fantastic experience with fly dc. Great service and prices and flavors. When I call in or text the staff is always SUPER helpful & knowledgeable I can tell they care about the flower and the customer. I ordered from iweed today for the first time. Man, this place used to be so much better.

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