did justin kill jeffrey on the haves and have nots

Time to throw this down the memory hole. [quote]Videos are clear, even at night and the audio works great. After such a short time, he should have just just moved on. Candace went onto refer to her mother by her name and their tension increased when War killed her son and she blamed Hanna who tries to state it wasn't her fault though expresses disgust at Candace's vindictiveness. Its a sad state of humanity. That says something, I'm just not sure what. He tells her that he will kill her if anything happens to his daughter. If they would have just kept to themselves... 3 people would still be alive. What has William Spaide been accused of here, R510? You bested the DM! They probably had a chip on their shoulder about their house, ect. Thanks R51, R52. With help from Erica, War tracks down the Young Family at a motel and a brawl results in a shooting, which ultimately kills Candace’s son, Quincy Jr. Candace calls him and confronts him over the phone, in which he justifies his actions as an “accident”. In these neighborhoods there is a deep sense of a class divide between these two types of housing. Even at the point where his intention was clear (to kill) and he came out with the larger gun, he still seemed to struggle with hitting his targets. The kid being interviewed is obviously a friend of Jimmaaay. If you have a serious dispute, do it through lawyers and other intermediaries. Either way, they were antagonizing him. I found the comments by Jeff's friend, R313. Ppl seemingly afraid to talk, the photos, the behavior. The "parking alcove" on Spaide's front yard is curious to me, since he had that double-wide brick-looking driveway. This is a cunty hall monitor notice for newcomers to this to read ALL of the threads. It's a common technique usually done in poorer neighbor hoods because the property is cheap. My husband is OVER it (by "it" I mean me yammering on), so I have no other people to bounce any of this off of except my kindred spirits here. They were both responsible for Quincy’s murder and they refused to rat each other out, displaying a sense of teamwork and loyalty for one another. Now they’re all dead. I wonder if the Goys will be allowed into the kingdom of heaven. [quote] Irish flags in the biker bar pic, are biker gangs big with Irish Americans? Never ever argue with someone, even with words. Ninety-six percent of all U.S. homes have at least one set, and 95% of those homes have high-definition sets (Television Advertising Bureau, 2017). I couldn't find it. He was the first to report the meeting on 1/5, the night before the Capitol attack. [quote]and so the police force and the prosecutors just say, "Well everybody is dead, nothing more to see here, case closed," hoping that the whole thing goes away. [quote]Normal people wouldn’t be swayed to sympathize with the shooter by seeing a fist raised or a shovel thrown. "We" weren't, R39. I have no idea if this will work, and I'm not all that great with 4chan, but there's a pic on there that implies it's Jeffrey. But Candace is often subjugated through Veronica’s own forms of blackmail to carry out mutual forms of revenge, or mocked for her early life of living in poverty. Those cameras (shown in the clip from Inside Edition) would have been recording everything, all the time. Is it even legal to point cameras on your property to film someone else's property/ their comings and goings? Don't think their family was expecting that I'm sure. I think I fucked it up. They are good boys and tried to help. This probably would have ended in nothing more than a fist fight if no guns were available. What difference would that make, R508, he's denying that Jeffrey was his brother. I guess now some enterprising DLer can pick up one of the houses on “murder street” for a song. Thank you- Agreed. May 16, 2017; Bob Dylan – Things Have Changed May 15, 2017; #driftwood #shack, Tribune Bay, #hornbyisland. Do you have a direct link to that FB page? Though initially attracted to Candace, by mid season 1 he is sick of her, and her manipulation of his daughter Amanda. No one here wants to fuck the kid, R178. making everyone in the world click on these pointless things while changing Without curbs or sidewalk the lawns go all the way to the street on Spaide's side. sat u r day, f e b. The people on DL who are obsessed with this are going to think the video was released to make Tidy Navy Sewage Dude look even more sympathetic so they can buy more memorial trees for him, but I don't think that's what's going on here. [quote]This slice of America has it all: a Karen gets hers but goes down calling for the manager; fat-bellied 50 year old biker deplorable from Pennsyltucky; cute twinks tryin' to help ole lady get up; bullying of a gay (how can you feel that bad about these assholes? R87- Because The Outlaws are heavily into drug and weapon sales. I wonder if those were intended misses r316. They are behaving in a scummy way, just like Jeffrey said. I know I should just let it go, but I did some snooping, and it looks like the William Spaide, who "Tony" asked if he was Jeffrey's brother, is friends with Christine Biniek, who is the brother of Thomas Biniek. Police - to show that it escalated so quickly that there was nothing that either Brian or Christine Brianski could do to get there in time. Hanna Young (mother)Quincy Young (son)Unborn son or daughter (currently expecting)Benny Young (brother)Derrick (father) Unnamed Maternal Aunt (deceased) A revelation that shocks them all to emotional hurt but Candace still manages to make another spiteful remark as a broken hearted Hanna leaves the two of them there. Now I'm intrigued with trying to figure out R554's riddle of: 2SBlue 1COrange 3RWhite 2Gray. But maybe our fascination is because many of us have had icky neighbors or have had invectives hurled at us. But it is becoming quite clear that PA is a mess with a couple of Ivy League schools and slightly better test scores than Florida. So how'd you find the video then, R549? I am hoping that it is revealed that he did have PTSD- that is really the only reason I would have any sympathy for this guy. After that, War and Candace have a meeting in the Sarandon Hotel in which she pays War 150,000 dollars. Make sense that she's fronting and bragging right up until the end. That PAHomepage website keeps crashing on me. It’s therefore very odd that the Goys would buy multiple cheap homes on the poor side of the street. I wonder when and why they were installed? His was a gone guy at this point.). R426 Do tell, what [italic]is[/italic] going on? I think we need to turn our attention to the Plains Township Police Department. Robert Halfon, chairman of the Education Select Committee, told The Mail on Sunday: ‘The deepening divide between the haves and have-nots has been exposed all too clearly by coronavirus. She went as far as prohibiting her mother from taking custody of her son because she believed she was best for him. Stop having trouble with them R20. Anyone else notice this? Can you imagine that profanity screaming shrew as your mother? ^Six inches of snow, he shouldn't have killed them...Two feet of snow, the killing was CERTAINLY justified!! Warlock is first seen as Quincy “Q” was looking for Candace and he confronts Q about his treatment of her. Even weirder to me: The first set of gunshots happens less than a minute before we see the kid, presumably Gary Mitchell, come running over to ask the expiring Mr. Goy "Are you okay?" If you see something serious and feel compelled to act, step away and call the police. I heard there was more video's of prior encounters of them bullying this guy. I can see why he felt he had to take a bullet to the head. Relatedly, I thought it was interesting that the reporter who interviewed Gary Mitchell did not really pursue what Mitchell might have known about prior bad blood among the involved parties. I’m sorry that Mr. Spaide took his own life but also understand. My asshole? Hopefully the kid really did miss what was going on, all the joking and insults on DL aside, that's traumatic for a kid to go through. I presume the reason that Jeffrey wanted to park in the alcove on the street is due to snow and ice. This incident is unusual because the entire stupidity of this act is captured frame by frame by a surveillance camera. We should start a scholarship fund for Jimmy and Gary. Veronica later finds out Candace was sleeping with Jim and reaffirms her dislike of Candace throughout the entire series. Why Star Is Disney’s Next Big Salvo in Its Streaming War With Netflix The family-friendly Hollywood giant bets that more adult programming will … Kevin Rhodes doesn't even know them! Has DL ever gone down the rabbit hole this much for a case where no one is hot? Someone did a real estate search and discovered they owned several properties all on the same block, all on the same side of the street. Look at where they were pointed. Neighbors are vague. R395- Ginny is a whore, darling! Long day tomorrow, going to bed. I wonder how often the Goys parked in Spaide's space or tossed snow in it, irking Spaide until he popped. They probably didn't know he had an assault weapon, even though it's perfectly legal. And if not, why not. Why does this exist, if all? Candace often calls Veronica hateful names because the latter mercilessly subjugates Jeffrey through cruel forms of control and resents Veronica’s vilotric anti-gay behavior. Two less bullies in the world. If the bullies lived in only 15, then Jimmmmaaaaay and his mother must live in 13. [quote] It's been over a week. The entire video is pure ego followed by death. So, if, as has been reported, the Goys were and had been over by Spaide's property, the portion of the video showing the Goys leaving stuff over on Spaide's property was not shown. They might just decide to not publish obituaries (it's not mandated by law) and to have a private funeral. What color were Lisa Goy's eyes? They had an abusive relationship as Candace claimed that he raped her, assaulted her, and pimped her out to his friends regularly. I agree, R100, not Jeffrey, but who knows about JG. I've really begun to wonder about where our heads are at. Usually people return the same insult, he refrained from that for some reason. I just hope that nasty infection has cleared up. *eyeroll* Sorry, it is all so intriguing. I'm sure he has developed relationships with many in the town, including the Goys. I'm also fascinated about their kid and if there is more with regard to him than we know at this point. In the video of the murder, it's agonal respirations you hear: the last labored, gasping breaths before death. They all must have been buried/cremated by now. It's obvious they'd been fighting for awhile. I can't believe there will be six threads on this crime, lol. That is pretty much the full story and not likely to make a lot of headline news. r258 I agree he wasn't trashy, he was nothing of the sort! I feel sorry for their child but also can’t help feeling that now he has a chance for a better life. While in prison, Jim orders Lloyd to trick Candace into foreclosing her house as she signs papers to get the 2 million dollars for Jim, but inadvertently saved her from being arrested for Quincy’s murder. Great find. Will reply to next thread. Later, Candace pays War a surprise visit and asks for his help in getting revenge on Jim, while promising him 100,000 dollars and after War warns Candace about Q. R14 the Goys and Spaide are in HELL, together, with a vacuum cleaner and a dog. R273- Agreed. Find the guys pick instead of complaining nothing to see here. Candace then lures him to a restaurant intent in getting revenge and the Malones kill him. OMG that is exactly how I pictured him too. Can someone post on he link to the bar pic? Ah, okay, so the family is with The Outlaws? If Trump wins re-election in 2024, his inaugural poem should be R278's transcription. I wonder if the Goys only allowed people they knew into their low-rentals? Mitchell recounts the moments a week ago when James and Lisa Goy were shot by their neighbor, Jeffery Spaide multiple times outside their Plains Township home on West Bergh Street. I have to say, the shooter was just as trashy calling them mother fucking scumbags in the middle of a neighborhood. It's very strange this story has gotten so little attention in other media outlets and no one on the block has talked. Closing the case (as far as criminal charges) makes sense b/c Spaide killed himself and it was obvious that he killed the Goys. Maybe one of their properties is a vacation house for the family. I can't wait for all the Tasteful friends" threads about those properties:"Chic with a hint of mass murderer Style!". Let's wait and see if he posts the picture and video tomorrow. They can be scary. [quote] The cops are involved in this somehow. I still feel varying degrees of sympathy for everyone involved though my sympathy for the Goy's has plummeted drastically, with the exception of their son. She pretends to be especially interested in Jim's cases to cover up for the affair, ensuring that the two will not be found out. OPEN THE GATE YOU MOTHER FUCKER!!!! The Big Surprise The sound of her husband dying is too much for for me. I still feel that was not the first time this dude pointed a gun in their direction, likely warning shots, and she figured this latest beef was business as usual. -R402, Google Earth Pro shows sometime between 5/2014 and 6/2016 the front lawn of 13/15 W Bergh St was ripped out and replaced with concrete. I saw the close up of the sign but when they did a long shot view of the house. Seems being outed post mortem if he indeed was gay is a big reach for suicide, then again, not necessarily so. No one to talk about windows being broken, tires becoming mysteriously flat overnight, pets being poisoned, kids being forbidden from playing with the neighbors’ kids. They’re not bringing criminal charges on a dead guy. The survivor(s) of the Goys (the son) can sue the estate of Spaide for wrongful death. Seriously, who got this surveillance video and uploaded it to www? It was clearly a love triangle gone wrong. When you have headphones on you get far more details. If the street is filled with people associated with people you hate, living there would be hell - just as Mr. Goy threatened. However, Candace and Hanna united to beat Jim up once learning he arranged for Benny to be stabbed. and educated people living in nice houses on +1/4 acres abutting woodlands? It was the men here on DL and JMG who had hooked up with the victim who actually helped on the case, and the speculation in those threads was FAR more intelligent than anything here. There will be no criminal charges in this case. What nonsense. I would love to know how long the fucking bullying assholes invaded his privacy. Gary the twink is obviously gay. R479, FWIW, you’re one of the reasons I love Datalounge.

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